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Acoustical engineering

'Harry F Olson's Acoustical Engineering is a daunting 718pp doorstep of a book, described as offering, 'From fundamentals to practical applications, complete working methods covering the entire field of acoustical engineering for radio, television, sound motion picture and recording engineers, architects, and musicians'. Alas, Olson (associated with RCA for nearly 40 years) died in 1982, and his opus is a work which enjoyed it's last revision in 1957. Looking at the index for headings such as 'digital' or 'stereo' or the like yields nothing, so what we have here is a work primarily of historical interest, even though it remains a 'bible' among electronics primers. As such, it contains all of the basics up to a specific point in the history of electronics, so it is once again a 'must own' for 1990s designers who have returned to valves and horns and other retro-flavoured technologies.'


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