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All New Improved Design - 12" LP Inner Sleeves Poly / Paper
  • New Improved Design
  • 100% Protection, No Corner Cuts
  • 20% Heavier
  • High Quality Materials
  • Bulk order discounts

With the emergence of the Audiophile LP and the increasing availability of Japanese imports, consumers became aware of alternative inners that cossetted, rather than buffetted, the vinyl within. The former category of discs (when of U.S origin) usually come in luxurious rice paper liners with stiffening layers; U.K consumers soon found out that they were available in packs of ten at a cost that's now shoot through the roof. But these same consumers also noted that the round bottomed luxury liners as used by the Japanese were also available seperatly, and they matched the wondrous American sleeves in all but two areas. They share the same static fighting properties and they don't - if kept clean inside - scratch discs, but they lack the easy-to-handle stiffness and the higher price.

Only £20.00 Per 100 - £90.00 Per 500 - £120.00 Per 750

Ultra-accurate electronic touch screen stylus force gauge

Ultra-accurate electronic touch screen stylus force gauge for the serious audiophile. Incorporating special transducer technology this high precision measuring device allows easy repeatable and precise setting of phonograph cartridge tracking force. The gauge features a large easy to use 20mm flat measuring area and easy to read digital display providing the best repeatable precision calibration of your phonograph cartridge's tracking force. The result is effortless music reproduction with lifelike dynamics natural tonality and enhanced imaging. Batteries (AAA), screwdriver, calibrating weight and case included. 0.000 - 5.000g +/-0.001g accuracy.

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Sovtek 6550WE Now Only £15 (RRP £32) - Limited Supplies

Sovtek 6550WE Less than Half Price
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Classic Accessories at Legendary Prices!!

Zerostat 3 - The Anti Static Gun - Only £49.00

Michell Tecno Weight Only £84.00



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