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Test, Demo, Set Up and Burn In CD's

After the HFN Test CD's run came to an end we decided to look for alternatives in the industry. This collection represents the best Test, Demo and Burn in CD's on the market.


Stereo Review and Chesky Records have designed this disc to help you improve every aspect of your stereo system and entertainment center's performance. Featuring demonstrations developed by Chesky's own recording engineers with special test signals developed by Stereo Review's Technical Editor, David Ranada. This Gold CD offers a host of useful tests (some recorded in Dolby Pro-logic), and includes a sampling of Chesky's best new Pop, Jazz, World Music, and Classical recordings: Oregon, Paquito D'Rivera, Badi Assad, The Westminster Choir...and more!
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XLO / Reference Recordings 24K Gold Test and Burn in CD

This is THE step-by-step guide to setting up and fine-tuning your audio or home theatre system. Roger Skoff of XLO Electric (innovators in the field of cables and interconnects) and "Prof." Keith O. Johnson (audio guru and co-inventor of HDCD) lead you through a quick and easy system set-up. Included are tracks dealing with Balance, Wiring and Polarity, Speaker Placement, Soundstaging, Imaging and Depth, Absolute Phase, Component Demagnetization and Burn-In, PLUS a varied selection of RR jazz and classics to show off your fully-tweaked system! (Music includes: "Stormy Weather"; "Shiny Stockings"; GOULD: Derivations; JANACEK: Sinfonietta (excerpts); BIEBL: Ave Maria; WEINBERGER: Polka and Fugue)
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So many of you have been calling asking where you could get your hands on a copy of the newest Burmester Sampler CD. Well... we found it for you! This unbelievable sounding CD has been the most sought after demonstration disc at HiFi shows for years. Burmester, the makers of some of the worlds-finest components, compiles ten diverse cuts from some of the most remarkable recordings. Then they re-master them to show off the incredible resolution of Burmesters finest gear. In the past, the only way to get your hands on this amazing sampler was to invest thousands of well-spent dollars on Burmester components. The cuts range from blues, jazz, vocal tracks, orchestral and chamber pieces, and world music to bring you the perfect compilation for auditioning components or just showing off what your system is capable of delivering.
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